O&O Defrag Professional

O&O Defrag Professional 23.0

Defragment hard disks to improve the file-access speed
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O&O Defrag Professional 11.1.3362 is a program that defragments your hard disks, optimizing it.
As you save and erase files from your disk, the system will occupy and free clusters in your hard disk. This free space will be used by new files, filling the spaces scattered in your disc, splitting the files in multiple blocks. When you read that files, your hard disk will move its head all over the disc in order to read those parts. That produces long waits and disc wear.

O&O Defrag 11 Professional Edition packs file fragments back together to optimize your hard disk under Windows.

You will be able to perform a range of defragmentations from fully automated to an individual professional set up.

The program features a Monitor that automatically controls the fragmentation on your disk, and can fix it on the fly, in the background, while you´re using the computer in other tasks.

You can fine tune the way that the programs works by adjusting the Settings. You can exclude files or drives from the degragmentation process, build reports or turn off the automatic monitoring.

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